Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to hide annoying twitter post images

I have recently started to follow a very interresting Twitter user (DZone). However, their tweets always contain some PR image, which usually don't describe the topic of the article at all. That's why I started to search for a solution (how to hide image previews for specific Twitter account). This cannot be done in administration. It's doable by a custom AdBlockPlus filter though. 

Example tweets with previews before filter application: 
How to create a filter: 
  1. Right click on your AdBlockPlus icon in your browser
  2. Select "Options" 
  3. Go to "Customize" tab.
  4. Add this filter selector in the textarea:[data-name='DZone'] .AdaptiveMedia-photoContainer img

After Twitter page refresh, the tweets look like this:

This can be of course done for any of Twitter accounts that you follow. Just replace the "DZone" value in the data-name attribute in the selector.