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Optimise your PDF for e-book reader

Some of you e-book enthusiasts maybe also ran into a problem when trying to read some PDF that was not optimised for reading on e-book reader (e.g. Kindle). The margins are too wide, pictures are too small, etc.

Luckily there is one very useful (command line) tool that helps you prepare your PDF document for reading on your e-book. It's name is k2pdfopt (not very lucky name I think). This utility scans the content of the provided PDF document, reorganises the columns (if there are multiple) and improves overall document readability.

Here is a saple of document before and after the optimisation:

To optimise the document use following command:

If you use unix based system (Linux, MacOS) change the downloaded k2pdfopt file to exacutable by running `chmod +x k2pdfopt`Run the k2pdfopt commang with PDF you want to optimise as parameter: `k2pdfopt /path/to/your/file.pdf`Use `d` option to choose desired target deviceYou can check other options - they may be useful for youHit `Enter` to opt…